Woman Startled As Alligator Attacks Her Midway On The Zip-Line, Makes Narrow Escape

The state of Florida and its surrounding areas are known to be homes to a large number of alligators.

While alligators have turned up in many unlikely places like home pools and backyards to relax and cool-off, the one in this video posed as a dangerous threat to a zip-lining instructor.


Source: Dear Roman/YouTube


The woman and her instructor friends were testing a newly built zip-line over a local lake.

The pond was densely populated with alligators, so the instructors had expected an odd alligator sighting during the testing process.

However, none of the instructors expected alligators to jeopardize their lives. When one of the instructors had scaled halfway through the zip-line, she met with a surprise attack from a giant alligator.

The alligator tried to leap out of the water and grab her leg with his jaws, at which the instructor pulled her legs up.


Source: Dear Roman/YouTube


The other instructors’ had their hearts beating like a drum as they witnessed their colleague struggle to get out of the alligator’s range.

Eventually, the woman thwarted the attack and glided back to safety.

We are glad this just ended as a close call and hope that people living in such areas stay wary of their reptilian neighbors!

Check out the video below to watch how the woman narrowly managed to escape the clutches of the leaping alligator!

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