Savage Woman Punches, Kicks & Bites 8-Month-Old Dog, No Charges Filed Yet

Authorities in Redding, California, have identified the woman who was caught assaulting her 8-month-old dog on video.

This video, which was captured on a resident’s home surveillance footage, shows the woman beating, kicking and punching her defenseless dog.

At one point, she is also seen biting her dog’s ear like a beast.

Source: Cristina Rykalski/Facebook

The resident who shared the video said that the woman was visiting the area and asking for directions to Lake Blvd.

Her dog got excited seeing a rooster, which prompted the woman to brutally assault him in an attempt to “control” him.

Redding Police has revealed that they received multiple tips regarding the whereabouts of the woman, which ultimately helped them track the woman down.

The dog was immediately removed from the woman’s custody, and transferred to the Haven Humane Society for further care.

Shasta County District Attorney’s Office and Haven Humane Animal Regulation officers are jointly investigating the case.

Source: Cristina Rykalski/Facebook | Dylan Brown/Facebook

The cops have refused to reveal the woman’s identity. It has been over a week, but they have still not filed any charges against this savage dog-beater.

This has enraged the public, who are now demanding the cops to arrest the woman and punish her with the strictest sentence based on the solid evidence.

Let’s become one voice and demand the arrest of this vile woman!

Click the video below to watch the woman’s gruesome assault on her dog.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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