90-Pound Beagle Unable To Fit Through Doggy Door Winds Up At Shelter

When Wolfgang the Beagle arrived at the animal shelter, the small hound tipped the scales at nearly 90 pounds. The average weight for a Beagle is around 20 to 24 pounds. Wolfgang’s overall well-being and life were at stake unless someone intervened to save him.

Erin McManis and Chad Schatz had a dog who passed away and they were thinking of getting another one. They had moved to Phoenix, Arizona and began rescuing dogs with the Arizona Beagle Rescue.

Source: @obese_beagle/Instagram

When the couple saw Wolfgang, they felt they found their “unicorn,” the one they had to have.

“He was like this magical and never-before-seen creature and we just think he’s so unique,” McManis shared.

Source: @obese_beagle/Instagram

They started slowly and reduced the dog’s caloric intake to around 600 calories with regular daily walks. McManis says Wolfgang has a great attitude and isn’t a picky eater. He is motivated and gives it his all to stay on track with the plan his owners created for him.

Wolfgang has his own popular Instagram page where followers come along for the journey.

Source: @obese_beagle/Instagram

“We try our best to focus and move forward, but we do want people to realize that extreme obesity in dogs like Wolfgang or Jameson is a form of animal abuse — that strain it puts on their hearts and that pain they would be in just by carrying that weight around,” McManis stated.

See Wolgang in action not long after he was rescued in the video below. Congratulations on all your hard work, sweetie!

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