Woman Sees Street Dog Trembling At Restaurant And Knows She Can’t Leave Without Him

Kiara Alamo was eating at a restaurant in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, with her mother, when she saw a stray dog who was in horrible condition.

The poor pup was cowering in a corner, skinny and injured.

Alamo’s mom suggested that she take the dog home, and that’s exactly what she did. She knew she couldn’t leave the restaurant without taking this scared pup with her.

So, Alamo and her mom lured the dog into their car and off they went.


The dog’s injury became more apparent as he continued to limp. Alamo brought the dog, who she named Uto, to the vet.

It turns out that he needed surgery to fix his injured leg, and thankfully, it was a success.

From that point on, Uto underwent physical therapy on his leg to help him walk and run again.


Today, Uto is running like the wind like nothing ever happened! And best of all? He has a forever home!

Alamo planned on fostering Uto while he was healing and then adopting him out, but things didn’t go as planned.

Alamo formed such a special bond with Uto in that time that she knew she couldn’t give him up, so she decided to adopt him permanently!


Today, Uto is living the life with his human and enjoys playing with dogs, going for walks, and exploring new places. He has gained weight, his fur has grown back, and he looks like a brand new dog!

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