Shelter Dog Refuses To Be Adopted Unless Her Best Friend Can Come Too

One of the best parts of life is having best friends to share your memories with. Most people have at least one person who they know they can trust more than anyone else—whether it’s for guidance, reassurance, or simply to have a great adventure.

Humans aren’t the only species who have “besties,” either. Animals are known for being able to bond with each other and find partners in crime with whom they can happily spend their free time.

After a woman named Alaina Brinton lost her dog seven years ago, she knew something was missing in her life. She visited her local humane society and was immediately drawn to Lucy, a red coonhound mix. That’s when Alaina noticed someone else who seemed attached to Lucy, and she knew there was only one thing to do…

Having a best friend is one of the most rewarding aspects of life. It’s important to find another person who you can share memories with or look to for sound advice if things aren’t going your way. Having a friend who can lift you up when you’re down is incredibly important!

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This goes for animals, too! Believe it or not, animals can form special bond with each other and even have “besties.” Their partnerships are just as enjoyable and beneficial as any human’s, and they rely on each other for emotional support the same way we do.

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When a woman named Alaina Brinton lost her senior dog seven years ago, she felt incomplete. So, she headed to her local humane society in search of a new furry friend. She was hopeful that she’d meet a new companion to take home with her, but Alaina ended up getting much more than she bargained for…

When Alaina arrived at the shelter, she was immediately smitten with a red coonhound mix named Lucy who was brought in as a stray just a few weeks earlier. There was something special about Lucy that shelter workers needed to tell Alaina, though…

Alaina Brinton

Lucy had apparently formed a very special bond with another pooch named Sully! After Sully entered the shelter, Lucy became like a surrogate mother to him. The two dogs spent all their time together and were clearly the best of friends. Alaina knew there was no way she could break up the special relationship Lucy and Sully had formed, but adopting one dog was overwhelming on its own. What would Alaina do?

Alaina Brinton

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