Neighbors Heard Noises On A Trampoline So They Quickly Recorded It On Camera

Imagine you are sitting outside, having a relaxing afternoon. You look over at the fence that separates your yard from the neighbor’s yard.

Suddenly, there is something soaring through the air. Your eyes can’t believe it– could that be a dog?  This is exactly what happened in one neighborhood.

Source: YouTube

The giant doggo was curious as to what the people next door were doing. Instead of wondering, the Great Dane jumped onto the trampoline and then into the air!

This big guy has a lot of energy, and his neighbors didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Source: YouTube

In fact, they grabbed their video camera and started recording. Some dogs get a case of being nosy, and others are simply big clowns.

As soon as the pooch realized that the trampoline allowed him to peek next door, he was all in!

Source: YouTube

Four paws to the mat and up, up, and away. We double dog dare you not to laugh at this adorable canine in motion. Weeeeeee!

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