Toddler And His Talkative Husky Have Daily Conversations With Each Other

Two-year-old Braxton Smith and his six-year-old Husky, Boston, engaged in an adorable howl-off that has melted hearts all over the world.

Once the two of them started going back and forth, their mom, Alix, decided to start recording.

Alix said she is always filming Braxton’s first experiences and memories to have to look back on, but this is one of the best ones she’s captured thus far.

Alix Smith/Youtube

“He just thinks it’s the greatest thing on earth, getting the dog to talk back,” Alix told Fox 17. “So now it’s an everyday thing.”

The video starts out with Braxton laughing and letting out his best howl imitation, and a few seconds later, Boston responds with a loud Husky howl, which causes Braxton to laugh even more. The two of them go back and forth for the remainder of the video.

Alix Smith/Youtube

Alix posted the video on her Facebook with the caption: “This is what you get when your Toddler realizes he can talk to the Husky.” The video quickly went viral with more than 82,000 shares and 2.3 million views.

I don’t know what’s cuter – Braxton’s belly laughs or the fact that Boston continues to howl back!

Watch the heart-warming moment for yourself in the video below:

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