3 Abandoned Dogs Won’t Go Near Humans, Woman Lies On Ground Every Day

After three precious dogs were dumped and left to die on a mountain, they understandably refused to trust humans again.

The mountain terrain was dangerous but the dogs still managed to survive but didn’t have much time left. There was no food and no appropriate shelter.

Finally, someone spotted one of the dogs, and being that all three were huge black Mastiffs, he called saying he was unsure if he just saw a bear nearby.

Animal control refused to investigate. But people kept calling, especially when a passerby heard one of the dogs bark.

Animal control told each and every concerned human to “stop calling” because the mountain was too difficult to navigate.

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

A rescuer decided matters into her own hands and risk hiking the mountain. The dogs were petrified of her and no matter how hard she tried to capture them, she couldn’t.

She decided to leave food and water for them, and a camera to make sure they were okay.

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

The kind woman continued to visit the dogs every day. She made sure they were fed but most importantly, she worked on getting them to trust her.

They would not survive on the mountain forever! She even laid down on the ground, facing away from them, and rested there for hours so that the dogs would see that she wasn’t a threat.

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

The dogs would get close to her, sniff her a bit, and run away. But she was making progress!

The woman persisted and worked to build their trust as much as she could for three entire weeks. But even as the dogs got slightly more comfortable, putting them on a leash would be impossible.

The woman worried if she used humane traps, one would see the other get trapped and run away. That would mean she had spent three weeks building this trust for nothing!

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Each day that passed felt like an eternity. Something had to be done! These dogs’ lives were too precious to risk.

The amazing rescuer who wouldn’t give up on the dogs reaches out worldwide and what follows, in this powerful story, is too good to miss.

See for yourself how this tale turns out in the video below!

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