Three Senior Dogs Have Been Together Their Whole Lives But Now They Need A New Home

Giving your dog up for adoption is one of the most painful things you can do. But as the owners of these dogs were getting older, they were finding it more difficult to take care of themselves and their three senior dogs.

So they decided the best thing to do was to surrender the dogs to a shelter who could help find a new home for them.



Meet Winnie, Lucy, and Mitzy – three sweet Terrier sisters aged 11, 10 and 9 years old. They’ve been together their whole life. Now, in the later stages of their lives, they find themselves at the RSPCA in Martlesham, England, waiting for someone to adopt them and find them a new home.



But senior dogs don’t get adopted very easily, let alone THREE senior dogs. Just ask Zoe Barrett, the deputy manager of the RSPCA’S Martlesham branch. “We know it will be difficult to find a home prepared to take on all three elderly dogs – but we don’t have the heart to separate them,” she told the East Anglian Times



Even in their old age the dogs love to play and goof around. Winnie is the naughtiest of the lot, while Lucy and Mitzy love following each other around. Who could deny these sweet dogs a home?

We really hope these three dogs find a forever home soon and get to live out the rest of their lives having fun together.

Check out the video below to learn more about their story!


*All photos sourced from RSPCA

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