This is What Happens When a Yellow Labrador Meets a Wild Baby Bunny.

Here's the video of the adorable interaction and interchange between a Yellow Labrador Retriever and a tiny little baby bunny. A friendship between two different species is born! Goes to show that friendship knows no boundaries!

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100 thoughts on “This is What Happens When a Yellow Labrador Meets a Wild Baby Bunny.

  1. David Engler, but that is what happened! I was horrified! We had been watching that nest, right outside our window, for days. Suddenly, one day, babies! I never thought Annie would grab one. And when I tried to open her mouth, she swallowed. I called the vet, who said it was no big deal, it wouldn’t make Annie sick. We put a little fence around the nest to keep the rest of the bunnies safe. It makes me cringe to remember this but I am not “sick”. I love all animals.

  2. My old German shorthaired name cap,use to being me baby rabbits in his mouth. He never hurt them, he this all ways put them in my hand, little wet but very much a live. Man I sure miss him.

  3. Yrs ago, my female Golden brought home a tiny baby bunny. She was so careful and gentle….but being that rabbits can die easily, she apparently licked it to death. At least it was a warm and gentle way to go……

  4. I raised Standard Poodles years ago who loved and protected my bunnies — even the newborns. One brought me tiny, hairless infants twice who had fallen out of their nests/cages, in his mouth, no less, wet but safe, and gently rolled them into my hand! Then he showed me which mothers to return them to!

  5. I had a boxer that used to bring me hurt and young animals for me to fix or care for…a tiny bunny, a squirrel, etc. She always delivered them gently to me from her massive jaws, always putting them down lovingly. Miss you, Princess…what a great girl you were!!

  6. My chocolate always wanted to be friends and play with different species. I didn’t mind …. well …. except for that time he tried to make friends with a skunk. That did not go well at all.

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