20 Items That All Golden Retriever Lovers Need To Have

Maybe this list should be called Best Gifts for Anyone, because who doesn’t love golden retrievers? But these items will leave no doubt. Check out these adorable Golden Retriever Gifts for the home or surprise a Golden Retriever lover with these must-have items!


1. Umbrella

This umbrella makes a great accessory when walking your dog or just when you have to run out to the store for more tennis balls.


2. Salt and Pepper shakers

Montana artist Phyllis Driscoll has a special way with clay, bringing characters to life with her artistic vision and talented hands. This salt & pepper sets will put a smile on the face of golden retriever lovers everywhere.


3. “What Goldens Teach Us: Life's Lessons Learned From Golden Retrievers” Book

All dogs teach us a lot about life, but Goldens just might teach us the most about love AND life. This book points out all the funny, sweet and serious traits of owning a Golden Retriever.


4. Box sign

Like the Beatles sang, “All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.” Guess they didn’t have a Golden Retriever, because a Golden might be all you need.


5. Music Box

The music box plays “Wonderful World,” and you can keep the original picture in the frame or replace it with one of your own Lab.


6. Solar Garden light

Environmentally friendly and in the shape of a Golden Retriever, that’s everything to love about this solar garden light.


7. Charm Bracelet

A fun gift for the Golden Retriever mom in your life. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas or just because!


8. Wine Bottle Stopper

Another must have for golden retriever lovers. This is sure to be a great addition to the kitchen! A definite conversation starter!


9. Magnet sets

Golden Retriever refrigerator magnet gift set includes four different, funny Golden Retriever designs: Okay I'm ready, retriever's conundrum, obsessed and I'm Golden. Show off your Golden Retriever pride or give as a great gift for Golden Retriever lovers.


10. Dishwasher magnet

This Golden Retriever dishwasher magnet takes away the age-old quandary, “are the dishes clean or dirty?”


11. Monopoly + Golden Retriever = Golden-Opoly!

Another must have for Golden lovers. Great family fun!


12. Wine Glass

This super cute high quality wine glass etched with a beautiful Golden Retriever is a great addition to any Golden-friendly home.


13. Super Soft Golden Retriever Body Pillow

Curl up with this super soft Golden Retriever body pillow anywhere in the home to read a book, take a nap, or to just enjoy its charming presence!


14. Window Decal

Cute Window Sticker! Shopping for your Dad? Go HERE!


15. Book

Maybe you’ll need this book when dealing with your own Golden, maybe not, either way ‘Golden Retrievers for Dummies’ is a great addition to any home library.


16. “Life is Better with a Golden Retriever” Tee

Is your life better with a golden retriever? Then this shirt is for you! Shopping for a dude? Try this model.


17. Mug

This sarcastic coffee mug is a funny addition to your office. Everyone can empathize with this passive aggressive mug!


18. Golden Retriever Ornament

Bring a little playfulness to your home this year and for years to come with these adorable Golden Retriever Dangling Leg Ornaments!


19. Porch Doormat

Another must-have item for any Golden lover!


20. Socks

These cute socks make a nice gift for any Golden Retriever Lover!

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