They Shackled Him To Floor Then Beat And Stone Him If He Whined For Food

When we adopt a dog, we give them our word that we will take care of them. We make a promise that they will not go hungry, that they will have a roof over their heads and have medical care.

When people take an animal into their custody and don’t provide basic needs, this is abuse and we will NOT accept this.

We will continue to share these stories so the rescue groups who come to their aid get all the donations they need!

Sidewalk Specials heard about a dog named Benji. Benji was so severely neglected that he really didn’t even know he was a dog. He was merely a shell of himself.

His “owners” kept him on a two-foot chain attached to a concrete floor. He was so skinny that when rescuers asked what had happened to him, his callous owners simply shrugged their shoulders and said: “we forgot to feed him.”

As if that is EVER acceptable!

Sidewalk Specials/Youtube

Benji’s new caregivers gave him a bowl of food as soon as they unchained him, but he was too afraid to eat it.

The poor dog was so deeply traumatized. They realized it was more than starvation.

They found out that if Benji went near the food others were eating, his owners would beat him. How could they do this to a precious animal?!

Sidewalk Specials/Youtube

While shaking and looking over his shoulders, Benji couldn’t resist the food his rescuers gave him and ate it all up. Seeing him so fearful completely broke their hearts.

On top of all of this, there was more! Poor Benji had wounds from being stoned. His “owners” would throw rocks at him for fun. Knowing he was so severely. . .    >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video. . .

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