They Froze As Pit Bull Threatened To Charge- Her Growls Later Justified 6 Times

First impressions are everything. Except when you’re a traumatized dog living in a deplorable place, fending for yourself.

For this dog, she seemed extremely aggressive at first encounter. She had good reason to be. She was protecting the most important things in her life.

Source: Stray Rescue Of St. Louis/Youtube

When volunteers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived on the scene, they were greeted by an intimidating female dog who wouldn’t stop growling.

Then, when the rescuers listened closely, they heard the tiny cries of newborn puppies.

Oh, so that’s why she’s being so commanding! She has good reason to be. She has tiny souls to protect.

Source: Stray Rescue Of St. Louis/Youtube

Regardless, the rescuers couldn’t allow Mama’s aggression to scare them off. They had a job to do and that was to get the little family out of the unsafe environment.

They set up a large humane trap. Mama saw this and did not like it at all. She also didn’t like how close the rescuers were getting to her or the babies. She growled louder and louder!

Source: Stray Rescue Of St. Louis/Youtube

Then one of the rescuers grabbed ahold of one of her puppies. Once Mama saw that, she followed her and walked straight into the trap. The rescuer then loaded puppy #1 into a soft carrier.

Now it was time to get the rest of the litter. They were curled up in a corner. The rescuer picked them up one by one. There were 6 pups in total.

After being transported to the center, Mama was unloaded from the truck. Even before she was reunited with her babies, her entire. . .  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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