The Dog Breed You Choose Can Reveal Surprising Parts Of Your Personality

Dogs are said to be man’s best friends, but every woman who has a dog knows that they’re a woman’s best friend too.

No matter what dog you decide to adopt, they’ve all been picked out by you, for you, most likely because something stood out to you.

Whether it was their adorable little face that you wanted to pamper with love, or their spunky, happy personality that you couldn’t resist adding to your life, you chose based on their appearance and energy that they gave off.

And sometimes that means that those two things might have been similar to your own!

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Below, we decided to take a look at a bunch of dog breeds as compared to their owners. Do you match up or do you balance each other out?

Maybe this could help you decide on what breed is right for your lifestyle!

Check out the breeds on the next page to see what your dog’s breed says about your personality, and why you might just be the perfect pair!

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54 thoughts on “The Dog Breed You Choose Can Reveal Surprising Parts Of Your Personality

  1. Let me save you the trouble, since frenchies are dang near at the dead end of this click through list:
    “This breed is incredibly popular in New York City right now, so those who own them are all about the coolness factor. The owners—like Frenchies, as they’re called—are expressive and full of personality. These people are often overachievers because they like a dog that is a bit of a challenge.”

  2. My Miniature Schnauzer Kira is like me – Not one to be shy, if you have a problem with something you will not hide your feelings about it. You have a bold personality and a zest for life; you don’t concern yourself with the opinions of others. I think they missed out stubborn.

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