The Dog Breed You Choose Can Reveal Surprising Parts Of Your Personality

Australian Shepherds

Australian shepherds have a LOT of energy and so do the people who adore them! They're very active and are happiest when they're running around or doing something outside. They live life to the fullest and are constantly looking for their next adventure. Australian shepherd people are curious and very open to learning new things. These people are often viewed as being pretty badass — which is an awesome thing.

Australian shepherds are active and thoroughly enjoy being outside. Owners of this breed enjoy playing Frisbee at the beach, going to the park, and camping outdoors. This breed has a passion for living life to the fullest and people who live with Australian shepherds are said to have a lot of friends. Aussie owners can be competitive, especially when it comes to a sports match.

Famous Owner: Mel Gibson, Steven Spielberg

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    Jack Russell fans are similar to Wheaten owners, except they take the intensity factor to a whole new, amped up level. They have more drive than just about anyone you’ll meet. They also tend to be wildly successful and intelligent.

    Famous Owners: Heidi Klum

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