Ten Abandoned Kittens Start Chasing A Woman – A Mile Later, She Discovers Their Motive

I will never understand those people who abandon innocent animals. If you decide to own a pet that means it becomes part of the family, and this goes for their babies as well. I am perfectly aware that a person can’t take care of all the little ones their pet gives birth to, but at least try to find them a nice place to live, because there are certainly people out there who would be more than happy to welcome a sweet furry pal in their lives.

While a woman from Queensland, Australia was walking her dog along the road, she stumbled upon a bunch of lovely kittens, exactly 10 in number. It was obvious the babies were abandoned and left all by themselves looking scared and hungry.

Having a dog already, she knew she couldn’t take them home. So the first thing that crossed her mind was to call a rescue service and inform them about the babies. But, that didn’t happen because the kittens weren’t willing to wait for somebody else to come to their rescue, so they simply started following Bree.

Since her home is at least one mile away from the road where the kittens were, she knew they wouldn’t manage to endure such a long distance for they were malnourished and exhausted. But whenever she would turn her hear around, the cats were there, all 10 of them, following every step she made. She wasn’t really sure why would they follow her all along, but she assumed they needed someone to take care of them and provide them with food.

Finally, after so much time on the walk, Bree, her dog, and the 10 cats were home. She was now certain those kittens needed love.

Kittens needed to be shown that someone cared for them and their well-being. After all, they were just babies ditched on the side of the road by someone cold-hearted who can’t be called human. I guess most of us agree with Bree when she says, “I was disgusted that someone had just dumped them. If you can’t afford to desex your cat, or look after and find homes for kittens don’t own a cat.”

What Bree did for these kittens is unbelievable. She never turned her back on them because she knew they were worth saving. She did all her best to provide nine of them with a lovely home, around people that will give them all the love they deserve. As for the 10th one, well, Bree decided to keep it for her self. Now both she, and her doggie have another companion to hang out with.

We thank Bree for what she did for the lovely babies that would otherwise ended up hit by a vehicle or starved to death.

Source: NTD.TV

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