Breeder Threatens To Drown Disabled Puppy If No One Takes Him

A Facebook post listed two puppies that were ‘free to a good home.’ One puppy, named Lucy, had a lot of responses.

She was adorable and healthy and was quickly adopted. However, the other puppy, named Stuart, didn’t get the same attention.

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

His post garnished no interest whatsoever. Stuart wasn’t like Lucy. He was blind and had a spine defect that made it hard for him to get around.

However, that didn’t stop Stuart from trying. He’d hop around then fall over– but he always got back up again.

As the post ran a few more days, a comment was left by the ‘owner’ that if someone didn’t take Stuart, he would ‘painlessly drown the puppy.’ As if anything like that could be painless?!

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

The post reached Denise Mueller, a compassionate animal lover, who couldn’t stand for such a thing. Denise herself wasn’t able to adopt the puppy but she would do anything she could to save his life.

She reached out to a shelter to see if they could help and they agreed so long as she could foster Stuart.

Denise went to pick Stuart up. The little puppy was so anxious and nervous. He shook like crazy.

His heartless owner claimed that all Stuart did was run in circles and bit himself or tried to bite others. Denise didn’t care what the man had to say. She took Stuart and brought him home.

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

Once Stuart was safe with Denise, in her home, the puppy stopped shaking. His whole demeanor calmed. It was if he was a completely different dog.

This transformation is proof that he was just frightened and stressed. Dogs understand what’s going on around them whether they are blind or not. Stuart could sense the man who should’ve been kind to him was, in fact, a monster.

Denise took excellent care of the deserving pup and Stuart blossomed into a friendly dog who loved every human and every animal he’d meet. He needed surgery on his spine and funds were raised to make sure that happened.

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

The best news came once Stuart was healing from surgery. Potential adopters came forward. They wanted Stuart to be a part of their family.

When they all eventually met, it was the perfect match. Stuart was going to have a wonderful life, despite what his original owner intended.

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

We cannot imagine what poor Stuart must have experienced that made him so anxious or what would possess anyone to drown a puppy who has a disability…

What we can imagine, however, is Stuart now living his best life. That’s the greatest revenge imaginable!

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