Bride And Groom Say Vows But A Lonely Stray Dog Suddenly Lies On Her Gown And Refuses To Leave

Marília and Matheus planned to tie the knot outside. But the couple from Brazil was so disappointed after a heavy storm changed their plans at the last minute.

As the heavy rains began to fall, the couple was forced to move the soggy ceremony inside.

As the guests took their seats, a stray dog with muddy paws suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Wedding staff tried to shoo the dog away, and the groomsmen carried him back outside.

Marília and Matheus continued with their ceremony, but, much to everyone’s surprise, the stray dog returned as the bridal chorus began to play!

Again, the dog was coaxed back outside into the rain. But as the couple said their vows, the lonely dog returned yet again.

This time, things went a bit differently. In fact, it changed Marília and Matheus’ lives forever.

Felipe Paludetto, who has been professional photographer for seven years, was on hand to capture the incredible and unexpected turn of events that followed…

Felipe Paludetto

Marília couldn’t wait to marry her love, Matheus.

The couple from São Paulo wanted their wedding to take place outside… but not everything goes as planned.

Felipe Paludetto

On the day of their wedding, a rainstorm ruined the couple’s plans. They ended up having to hold the ceremony under a plastic tent.

The wind and rain whipped around them, and the guests could sense the tension in the air.

But the officiant said that although everything seemed to be going “wrong,” the most important thing was love.

This sentiment was about to prove more true than anyone could have imagined.

Just as the guests took their seats and Marília and Matheus prepared to say their vows, a street dog wandered in from the rain. He was wet, and his paws were covered in mud.

But this was a closed event, and people tried to shoo the dog away.

The dog, who would soon come to be known as Snoop, didn’t want to leave. His presence even caused an argument between annoyed wedding vendors!

Eventually, three groomsmen carried Snoop out of the room.

Back outside he went, with the rain still pouring down.

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