St. Bernard Who Refused To Stop Whining Saves Family’s Lives

Doree, a 160-pound St. Bernard, is usually quite docile. But she’s anything but calm when it comes to protecting her family. The Damrill family discovered this recently when Doree saved their lives.

It was around 2 a.m. in the morning when Doree stood at the foot of the Damrill family’s bed and wouldn’t stop whining. At first, Jack Damrill thought Doree’s excessive barking and whining was just her trying to get some attention. But when she wouldn’t let up, and the cats also began meowing loudly, Jack fully woke up and realized what his pets had been trying to tell him. He smelled natural gas!

He went to investigate and found a stovetop burner had accidentally been left on and natural gas had flooded the house. Jack called 911 and firefighters came to clear the home and, thankfully, a potential disaster was averted. According to firefighters, the Damrill’s home could easily have blown up if it had not been for Doree alerting them.

The Damrill family is rightfully calling their dog a hero and plan on getting her a well-deserved “big ole steak” for her as way of thank you.

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