Sneaky Dog Stealing Snacks From Kitchen Cabinet Gets Caught In The Act

Skippy the miniature dachshund and Alex the basset hound are best puppy pals, which means they eventually find ways to get into some mischief!

When their owner noticed treats and food disappearing from the kitchen, he set up a hidden camera to catch them in the act. Well, the result was more hysterical than he ever imagined!

In the hidden video footage, Skippy sneaks into the kitchen and starts stealing snacks from the kitchen cabinet. Although Alex tries to stop him at first, Skippy will stop at nothing to get his paws on some yummy food.

Of course, the owner later dubbed the video with the Pink Panther theme song, which makes this clip even more hysterical.

As the clip goes on, Skippy takes his time, as if he is checking for traps and alarms. It’s too funny! Finally at 2:44, Skippy gets sweet success as he runs away with the goods.

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