“She doesn’t remember the last time she fed you” – Post by rescue group makes blood boil

While writing another article sourced back to this rescue group, we came across a story that deserves attention. So many stories that come across our desks matter. But something about Scrappy’s tale stood out. We knew it needed to reach as many people as possible. Read it and tell us if you agree.

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption posted this to their Facebook page, it was written by Savannah, a volunteer with the group:

It hurts to look at you.

A man brought you in, unplanned. We are full and desperately low on funding. Nonetheless, we understand his bleeding heart; we have the exact same one. Your “owner” was selling you for a measly fifty dollars. She got a new job and just didn’t have time for you anymore. When a new roommate moved in, she promptly put you on a chain in the backyard. She thought so little of you, that she left you outside like yesterday’s garbage.

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption/Facebook

It hurt to learn that.

The first thing we noticed is how skinny you are. I don’t know if your face is sunken in because of malnutrition, or straight up sadness. I think it’s both. Your neck is stained from your chain. You see, you had a collar on. One that our outreach team brought out. We would’ve given your owner a tie out.

“She doesn’t remember the last time she fed him.” My jaw dropped.

“Yeah, she said she can’t remember the last time she fed him.”

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption/Facebook

It hurt to hear that.

I knew we had to take you. You see, the man that saved you could not keep you. I shuddered to think about him having to take you back to the prison you were living in. Your pen consisted of nothing but trash, a bucket filled with rainwater, and a food dish that stayed empty.

We bathed you. The water we washed off was black. Have you ever had a bath? You don’t know your name. How long has it been since someone talked to you? You quiver when we touch you. When is the last time someone pet you?

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption/Facebook

Slowly but surely, you have warmed up. After your bath, we ran around the play yard like we’ve been friends forever. You’re such a happy boy, Scrappy. After all of the pain and suffering you’ve endured, you can still find it in you to smile, and play.

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption/Facebook

So now, you are set up at our shelter. We found you the comfiest blankets, and the squeakiest toys we could. We put your food in a puzzle feeder so you don’t eat too fast. We gave you the biggest bowl of fresh water. You even got an upgrade to your name, Sir Scrappy.

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption/Facebook

I don’t know what your future holds. I dream of a family that takes you to the lake, and little kids that feed you their dinner scraps. An owner that rubs your belly, and lets you sleep in their bed every single night. Someone who will make sure you are always fed, loved, and taken care of medically.

It hurts now, but it won’t for much longer.

We promise you one thing, Sir Scrappy. Never again.

Never again will you be starved, neglected, left on a chain, and ignored. You will be cherished for the rest of your days.

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption/Facebook

While this story is heartbreaking, there is hope. Sir Scrappy is on a path that will lead to a much better life. We know his trauma is forever in the past.

If you would like to make a donation towards his care go here.

If you’re interested in giving this dog, now nicknamed “Happy Scrappy” a loving home, go here. We’re told he’s a VERY GOOD BOY!

No animal deserves to suffer! We hope Sir Scrappy’s story brings more awareness. If you see a pet in distress, do not look the other way. Call the appropriate authorities and get them the help they deserve!

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