A Speeding Train Took Her Legs But Her Resolve To Be A Mom Was Greater Than Anything

How this fierce little warrior, named Si Bao, became a stray with two missing hind legs will break your heart.

She was someone’s pet but when her owner decided to move, he didn’t take her with him. Instead, he dumped her on the street.

Si Bao fought to survive. She was living near the railway in China. As she fought to keep warm and fed, a speeding train ran her over. That is how she lost her back legs.

Yet, she continued to fight. It’s mind-boggling to think that this dog, with no medical treatment, was able to survive such a serious and painful injury.

Source: The Laika Fund for Street Dogs/Facebook

It must be her incredible spirit.

What’s even more shocking is that Si Bao had a litter of puppies that she took excellent care of.

As she balances on just her front legs, she takes her pups for walks around the train station.

Being a stray in this area is scary. Many of these dogs are captured and used for meat. They are also abused by locals who don’t have anything better to. . .  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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