Man Sees Shelter Dogs Asleep On Hard Surfaces, Comes Back With Car Full Of Beds

Stuart Edge was volunteering at a dog shelter when he noticed just how sad and unaccommodating it can be.

The dogs would have to sleep on hard surfaces and sometimes even concrete floors in their small kennels.

It’s no way for a dog to live, and he felt strongly that he needed to do something about it.

Source: Stuart Edge/YouTube

So he went to the local pet store and loaded up on as many doggy beds as he could handle!

He had asked the shelter what type of donation they really needed and then grabbed some friends to help get the beds and bring them back as gifts.

Source: Stuart Edge/YouTube

After packing his car full of dog beds, Stuart showed back up to the shelter with the big surprise. And the dogs showed so much appreciation and love for their new beds!

He got to realize the impact his visit had on these animals while editing the video, and you can see it in full below. 🙂

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