She Was Made To Leave Her Puppies, And Skulk Into A Dank Sewer, After Being Hit

There are conflicting accounts on what exactly happened to this poor innocent dog. Some say she was hit by a motorcycle, others say a car.

But it was a terrible accident that left her severely injured. The poor girl went off to die by hiding in a sewage ditch. Her pain was unimaginable.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

When a rescuer was dispatched, he had to crouch very low to get to her. The stench of the sewer was overwhelming but rescuing the dog in need was not an option.

To this organization, rescuing a dog in need is an obligation. It’s an unbreakable promise to help those who cannot help themselves.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

As the rescuer got closer, the frightened dog tried to escape. She didn’t know what his intentions were. But she could hardly walk. 

The rescuer gently put a blanket over her so he could pick her up and take her to a safe place.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

Back at the Animal Aid sanctuary, the medical team assessed her. Miraculously, she didn’t have any severe fractures but it would take a while to get her moving again without pain.

The vet also realized she had recently given birth. They made some calls and her puppies were found. Thankfully, a local animal lover volunteered to take the puppies in and care for them.

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