Pit Bull Spending Final Days In Comfort Held On As They Tried 1 Last Thing

Many of us know that strength comes from within. But even those who are strong, to the core, need to be surrounded by love in order to push through tough times.

A Pit Bull that was in a terrible state desperately needed the perfect circumstances in order to heal. He wasn’t expected to survive. But his story is proof that with love, anything is possible!

The dog, later named Saint, was beyond emaciated. He was so weak that he couldn’t even stand up to go to the bathroom. When he was found, he had every parasite imaginable.

He was so sick that he was deemed to go to a foster home as a hospice case. Saint was not expected to survive and those around him had to prepare themselves for the inevitable.

Source: The Dodo Pittie Nation, Saint’s Story/YouTube

Saint was found in a homeless encampment. He rarely had anything to eat. He never had veterinary care. Heather, Saint’s foster mom, was taking him in so he could live out his remaining days comfortably.

Heather has a heart of gold! She willingly stepped up knowing Saint would pass away soon in her care.

Source: The Dodo Pittie Nation, Saint’s Story/YouTube

Heather’s family was very supportive of her decision to help Saint. They rallied behind them both. Saint’s first week was terrible. He was so shut down and weak.

He didn’t understand where he was or what would happen to him. He had never been inside a house before. But things began to change.

Source: The Dodo Pittie Nation, Saint’s Story/YouTube

While Heather was still realistic about Saint’s prognosis, she was floored when Saint began to transform. He was spending most of his time isolated, too weak to do much of anything.

But within two weeks, he was walking into the family room, insistent on joining the new people that seemed to love him very much. He was also interacting with his new doggy friends.

Source: The Dodo Pittie Nation, Saint’s Story/YouTube

The only drawback was that Saint still had a hard time eating. Heather continued to try to get in as many calories as possible but it was challenging. This was further proof that Saint wouldn’t make it.

While Heather accepted it, she still had a sliver of hope inside her heart. She tried one more thing: rotisserie chicken. And Saint couldn’t get enough of it.

Source: The Dodo Pittie Nation, Saint’s Story/YouTube

The “dying” dog was eating full meals and it was incredible! The calories made all the difference. Well, that, and all the love that he was surrounded by.

Each day, Saint was becoming more and more like a real dog. He was starting to enjoy car rides, playing with his family, and even affection. He basically stunned Heather and the rest of the family.

Source: The Dodo Pittie Nation, Saint’s Story/YouTube

The story only gets better from here. The dog that was in hospice care surprised them all. We couldn’t be more grateful for people like Heather who inspire so many others to do as much as they can for animals in need.

Let Saint’s story be a lesson to us all. Anything truly is possible with enough faith and love!

To see Saint’s full story and transformation, check out the video below.

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