She Thought She’d Never See Her Dog Again, But These Cops Never Gave Up On Her

Ruby, a chocolate Labrador puppy, was in a vehicle that was stolen by a thug in North Carolina. Owner Charlotte was extremely distressed when she reported the theft.

The poor woman was worried sick about Ruby’s safety, and begged the officers to locate her little baby.

Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department/Facebook

Thanks to the officers’ tireless efforts, Ruby was tracked down and rescued within a few days. After ensuring that the puppy was safe and sound, the officers decided to surprise Charlotte with the puppy.

They dropped by Charlotte’s home with Ruby tucked in their arms, and waited for the distraught owner to step out.

Charlotte’s joyous reunion moment with her stolen puppy has been going viral over the past few days.

This video was shared by the officers at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, who worked hard for days to locate the puppy and make this reunion possible.

Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department/Facebook

In this video, we see Charlotte’s overwhelming reaction when she finally sees Ruby. The emotional woman squeals and jumps all over in excitement as she grabs her puppy tight.

Her screams of pure joy on being reunited with her dog will bring a huge smile to your face! We salute these policemen who worked tirelessly to find the stolen dog!

Click the video below to watch Charlotte and Ruby’s ecstatic reunion made possible by the amazing officers!

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