Norfolk Man Neglected & Starved His Sick Dog, Sentenced To 6 Months In Prison

Ruby, a 15-year-old dog from Norfolk, was rescued from her neglectful and abusive owner. She looked like a skeleton, had lost all her hair, and was carrying a large tumor on her side.

Source: WTKR News 3

The owner, 59-year-old Renard Morton, had kept her in the basement for weeks without any food or water. The neighbors heard her pitiful barks and informed animal activists. The rescuers believe that Ruby was just days away from her death at the time of rescue.

However, Ruby surprised everyone with her survivor spirit. Today, she has recovered significantly. Her fur has grown back, but the tumor is impossible to remove because of her advanced age.

Source: WTKR News 3

Renard pleaded guilty for the charges of animal cruelty and neglect. He recently lost his wife to kidney failure, and currently, his daughter is also on dialysis for kidney issues. He maintains that his family ordeal was the reason why he neglected Ruby.

Source: WTKR News 3

Renard will serve 6 months in prison. He has the option to serve his time during weekends, as he is the primary caregiver of his daughter. We hope that this case serves as an example to negligent owners and they responsibly take steps to ensure the upkeep of a pet, if they are not able to do so on their own.

Check out the video below to watch Ruby’s heartbreaking story.

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