Bait Dog Arrives At Vet’s Office With Hundreds Of Bites & Gaping Wounds

Dedicated rescue workers are on the front lines of saving dogs’ lives every single day.

Thanks to groups like Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, animals get a second chance at life. A recent dog the group took in, however, proved to be a very deceiving case.

Ronix had injuries all over his body. Based on the degree and extent of the wounds, rescuers believe he was used as a bait animal for illegal dogfighting in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Source: Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue/Facebook

“It was deceiving. He had all these bandages all over him, and we were expecting a collar wound, or something that was like a choker.

But we started realizing how gingerly he walked. And he’s so sore,” Dr Thomas Jackson of Advanced Veterinary stated.

“Everything on his neck and down to his arms, and going back over his shoulders, is torn up. He’s got about a couple hundred bites. The skin is ripped away from the muscle and tissue.”

Source: Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue/Facebook

A hole in Ronix’s neck measures at least 8 inches wide and he has sections of dead tissue. It is believed Ronix was going to be eaten, fought, or chewed up by another dog or predator. The poor pup has dozens of old scars.

With each passing day and procedure, Ronix has been making a slow but steady recovery. Thanks to a wound vacuum, air pressure to his wounds was controlled and skin grafts will be required.

Source: Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue/Facebook

We wish him all the best and a happy, healthy life ahead!

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