Dog Reunites With His Cancer-Fighting Dad After Hurricane Harvey Tears Them Apart

Hurricane Harvey tragically tore many families apart. The state is in the process of rebuilding and families are in the process of coming back together! Jeff has been hospitalized for cancer at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and remained there when Harvey struck. Over the course of his stay, he kept routine visits with his dog Auryn, which had been beneficial to both of them. But because of the hurricane, the roads were too badly flooded for Auryn to get to Jeff.

Both Jeff and Auryn missed each other desperately. So, as the waters receded, Auryn was brought to the hospital to be reunited with his dad. The way he looks at Jeff when he sees him coming, that high pitch bark, the tail wags… it’s got to be one of the most incredible sights. There is just so much love between them. Similar to the one a father has for his child and a child has for his father. Their embrace made me cry!

Seeing Auryn certainly lifted Jeff’s spirits and warmed his heart.

If anyone doubts the strength of your relationship with your animals, show them this. THIS is proof of that unwavering, undeniable love.

Watch their reunion below, posted by Jeff’s wife, and remember to pass it on. It’s too wonderful to keep to yourself! Jeff, you’re in my prayers! 

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