Police Respond To 911 Distress Call About Woman Screaming “Let Me Out” Next Door

Cops in Florida were alerted about a woman’s distressing screams coming from a quiet neighborhood. One of the residents had heard repeated “Help! Help! Let me out!” cries from next door and she thought it would be prudent to call 911.

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

As we see in this video, when the cops arrive at the “suspicious property” to investigate, they find the homeowner casually sitting in his yard and fixing his car.

The cops sternly question him about the distressed woman’s “screams for help”. The man’s expression changes suddenly and he offers to introduce the “screamer” to the cops.

The man walks inside the yard’s shed while the cops wait anxiously. The cops look bamboozled when the man walks out with his pet parrot, Rambo, perched on his fingers.

What a plot-twist! The man humorously explains to the cops that it is his talking parrot who has the most deceiving screams ever!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

As a kid, the man had taught Rambo to scream that particularly upsetting phrase in an attempt to prank his parents. Now roughly 40 years later, this harmless trick has backfired on him spectacularly.

The man later introduced Rambo to his neighbors, who had a good laugh over the bird’s misleading habit!

Click the video below to watch how Rambo fooled the entire neighborhood with his deceptive screams! Keep your volumes up!

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