Two Giant Newfoundland Dogs Are Babysitters To 3 Boys

One of my favorite characters in Peter Pan is Nana, the beloved Newfoundland guardian dog of the Darling children. Who wouldn’t want a big dog who take care of you and tuck you into bed at night?

That must be why I envy the Mitchell family. The three little boys – Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan – have not one but two of the gentle giants as babysitters!

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Meet Ralphie. The brown Newfoundland dog is 125 pounds.

Boss is younger and bigger. He’s 160 pounds and will be around 190 pounds when he’s fully grown.

Parents Joshua and Bee Fisher got the two Newfies after researching what would be the best breeds for children.

But even they were taken aback at how big the dogs were at first.

Despite their size, the two dogs are very sweet and adored by their human siblings.

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