Raccoon Knocked On Woman’s Door Every Day, Asked For Food For Her Family

Every day for five years, a blind raccoon visited the same woman. Every time he showed up in her yard, she would feed him, so he would always come back for more.

The woman, named Eryn, says the raccoon was at least partially blind, and that his eyes shined bright green during the day. Sometimes he walked into things and was afraid of the wind, high grass, birds and snow.


The raccoon would come back several times a day for food and Eryn made sure to feed him soft foods since his bottom lip was missing.

While this raccoon was in a very fragile state, he wound up getting a couple of body guards. Two black kittens had been hanging around the Eryn’s yard and decided to tag along with the raccoon once they realized he was getting fed.


As the raccoon was heading back out into the woods, the two black cats walked alongside him as if they were escorting him back safely. Eryn quickly took out her phone to record this heartwarming moment on video.

It seems like the kittens developed a unique bond with the raccoon and they quickly became friends. This once lonely blind raccoon now had two furry friends to lead the way and keep him company.


Sadly, the raccoon passed away in June of 2015, which made him more than five years old. In the wild, a raccoon has a life expectancy of about two to three years, so for this blind raccoon to live more than five in the shape that he was in is truly a miracle.


As for his kitty body guards – Eryn wound up taming them and decided to adopt them! They now live indoors with her other cat, Squirt.

Eryn had recently lost her mother and her other cat at the time, so the addition of these new kittens really helped her cope with her difficult losses.

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