Shelter Puppies Take Field Trip To Aquarium & Have Whole Place To Themselves

Although the Georgia Aquarium is closed to the public due to the Coronavirus pandemic, they opened their doors for a couple of puppies from the Atlanta Humane Society.

The adorable puppies, Odie and Carmel, were able to explore the aquarium on their little field trip, making new discoveries and befriending the marine life.

Georgia Aquarium/Facebook

Puppies were in awe as they watched the fish swim by.

They quickly grew tired from all the excitement and plopped down for a nap in the windowsills of the sea life exhibits.

Georgia Aquarium/Facebook

While all aquariums are closed to the public, the Georgia Aquarium isn’t the only one that is opening its doors for certain exceptions.

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has been allowing their penguins to stroll around the exhibits and explore the building.

Some of the penguins enjoyed the Wild Reef, while others loved watching the neon-colored cardinal tetras in the Amazon Rising exhibit.

Watch the puppies explore the Georgia Aquarium in the video below:

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