This Pug Really, REALLY Hates Cutting Nails

Does your dog HATE having his toe nails clipped?

This adorable pug really, REALLY hates it… so much so that he totally loses his emotions to run away from the reality of having his toe nails clipped!

His emotionless facial expression while having his nails cut is just too hilarious and cute!!

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390 thoughts on “This Pug Really, REALLY Hates Cutting Nails

  1. I wish my pug would sit still while cutting her nails! She fights like a wildcat scratching & clawing until she’s free. I’m almost 5’10” and she’s more than I can handle. My son has helped me and we’ve tried laying on top of her, wrapping her in a sheet…it’s ridiculous. She needs to be sedated.

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