Pug Encounters Yorkie Statue. His Reaction? Priceless.

Nao the adorable pug isn't an angry pooch usually, but when she meets a new intruder in her home, she's confused and that makes her a bit defensive (rightfully so…).

She's like, “WTF?! Who are you?! Get out! Now! Woof! Woof!… Help? Charge!!! Ok, Retreat…” LOL

And she's not afraid of anything when it comes to defending her own turf… well, not really. To be honest, the yorkshire terrier statue won…

Lol! She is so cute and crazy! How brave and adorable she is!! And check out her signature sneeze while defending her turf against the new intruder!

Check out the adorable video on the next page to see Nao the adorable pug defend her turf against Yorkie “the intruder” statue!

Her reaction is priceless!!

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457 thoughts on “Pug Encounters Yorkie Statue. His Reaction? Priceless.

  1. Took mine to Lowes, went to the Halloween display. Those full size motion activated mannequins, will not look at them. Turns his back on them and sneaks a peek over his shoulder. Had to go because I didn’t want him to jump out of the cart!!! Poor Buckaroo…..

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