Discarded Pup Covered In Purple Dye Sat At High-Kill Shelter, Awaiting His Fate

Neda Saghafi runs a small animal rescue group called Simba’s Paw Dog Rescue, in California, where she rescuers, fosters and adopts out pups in need.

She has come across hundreds of dogs and puppies who needed her help, but one stood out among the rest.


Saghafi was tagged in a Facebook post regarding a puppy who had been picked up as a stray and taken to a high-kill Fresno shelter.

The three-month-old puppy was covered in mange, which caused him to lose all of his hair. And he also had a strange purple dye all over him, including his face.


As soon as Saghafi saw his picture, she knew she had to rescue him. Dogs like him, especially in the condition he was in, rarely make it out of shelters, let alone a high-kill one.

It was clear that he had mange, but the purple dye was a mystery. At first Saghafi assumed that some kids spray painted him, but the people who found him (believed to really be the owners) said the purple dye was medication that they put on him to try and help him.


But Saghafi believes he may have eventually been used as a bait dog, since they usually get marked with different colors for betting purpose.

The vet examined the pup, now named Prince, and said the purple dye was a medication that is used on farm animals for infections. The people may have been telling the truth, but we will never know for sure.


Regardless of what the purple dye was or where it came from, Saghafi knew she had to get to work to start the healing process. She treated Prince and gave him many baths to help his mange and skin infection.

A couple months later, Prince’s fur had grown back and the purple dye faded away. In such a short amount of time, Prince already looked like a whole new dog!


He was such a sweet and loving pup and loved playing with Saghafi’s other foster dogs. She even came up with a cute nickname for him: Chicken Nugget.

Now that Prince was fully recovered, it was time for him to find his forever home. Of course that didn’t take long!


Prince found a loving home in California with two new parents and a new doggy brother named Obi. It’s safe to say he’s gotten his happily ever after!

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