Despite Being A Poor Swimmer, Man Jumps Into Dirty Canal To Help Drowning Cat

When some residents heard the painful cries of a cat coming from a canal in Bangkok, Thailand, they came by to investigate.

They found that a cat had unwittingly stranded herself in the deepest corner of the canal.

She was desperately pawing at the canal wall to keep herself from drowning, but she was clearly struggling to stay afloat.

Source: Viral Press/Youtube

Sadly, none of the onlookers wanted to venture into the dirty canal to help the cat.

That particular stretch of the canal was notorious for harboring toxic waste, and no one wanted to take the risk of stepping into the polluted water.

But after several minutes, a passerby spotted the cat’s plight and immediately volunteered to rescue her!

Source: Viral Press/Youtube

The onlookers were surprised when the passerby confessed that he was a bad swimmer.

But the man was determined to save the cat, so he grabbed a polystyrene box as a float and began wading into the filthy water to reach the cat.

He kept struggling for a few minutes to get hold of the cat, but the scared feline slipped away every time.

Source: Viral Press/Youtube

In this video, we see the man finally scooping up the cat using a net and passing her on to the resident of the home beside the canal.

The man flashed a gratified smile as he realized that he had rescued the cat despite his fear of swimming!

With a relieved heart, he grabbed on to the float again, and swam back to dry land. What a hero!

Click the video below to watch how the man bravely rescued the cat despite being a poor swimmer!

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