Starved Pit Bull Mama Has No Idea Why She And Her Babies Were Left At Shelter

A beautiful and starving Pit Bull was abandoned by her owner in her most critical time. No one really knows the hard life Melody had before landing in a Texas shelter, but it was certainly rough. The innocent dog was about to give birth, and thankfully the owner had the sense to surrender the puppies with their mom.

Source: Dallas Dog RRR/Available Dogs

A woman named Patti Dawson, who is the leader of Dallas DogRRR – Rescue.Rehab.Reform, saw Melody and her pups and knew she had to do something. Patti told The Dodo, “I just couldn’t stop thinking about Melody and her puppies. Her will to survive and take care of her puppies, as skinny as she was, is amazing.”

Source: Dallas Dog RRR/Available Dogs

Since Melody was a Pit Bull with puppies, that decreased her chances of adoption. Despite being severely malnourished, she still allowed her ten puppies to nurse from her.

Source: Dallas Dog RRR/Available Dogs

A plea was put on Facebook, and thankfully someone stepped up to foster Melody. The dog is presently up for adoption through Dallas DogRRR.

Source: Dallas Dog RRR/Available Dogs

Sadly, there are many dogs just like Melody across the country who need help. We support animal fostering and adoption and thank everyone who opens their hearts to pets in need.

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