Theme Park Shamelessly Forces Pig To Do A Bungee Jump, Call It “Entertainment”


The “Meixin Red Wine Town” theme park in Chongqing, southwest China, is facing huge backlash from animal lovers after it forced a live pig down a bungee jump as a publicity stunt.

The park was testing its new 223-foot high bungee jump ride in a public event, and using the pig was meant to be a “good luck charm” to bring pork prices down.

Source: Sixth Tone/YouTube

In this extremely distressing stunt, we see the park staff tying the helpless pig down the bungee rope and tossing her away.

The pig screams and squeals for help mid-air while the park visitors can be heard laughing and enjoying in the background.

The dangling pig was later brought down by a staff member, and transported to a local slaughterhouse.

When this video was released on social media, it immediately went viral. People started roasting the park for their unabashed act of animal cruelty.

The park officers defended themselves saying that it was “normal” for pigs to experience “shock” on their way to being slaughtered.

Source: Sixth Tone/YouTube

However, the heavy criticism forced the park authorities to apologize for their actions. They say it was “just a bit of entertainment”, but they will not organize such “performances” in the future.

We do not support organizations that love torturing animals. Let’s be one voice and let them know that this barbarity will not be tolerated!

Click the video below to watch how the helpless pig was ruthlessly forced down the bungee rope.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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