Old Gal Bolted In Room Barked To Be Let Out, Town Heard & Did Nothing

In the heart of a busy city sat a makeshift home. It didn’t look like a home. It resembled a dilapidated storage building caked in graffiti.

Locked inside, however, was a tiny family. A homeless person resides there along with a dog and a cat.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

The hero in this story (who is a hero to many!), Viktor Larkhill, explains that people knew that an old dog lived inside this shack and did nothing about it.

When he heard about it himself, he took matters into his own hands.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Larkhill got a master key to unlock the door. Upon entering, the cameraman, Larkhill, and his assistant were taken aback. There was clutter everywhere.

It smelled and was extremely unsafe. A dog, named Pepa, made her way over. She had a filthy cone on to prevent her from attacking her own body.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Pepa’s body was covered in dirt, fleas, and massive mammary tumors. Once they brought Pepa outside, Larkhill spoke to the camera.

He’s devastated that so many people knew that this dog was living inside with trash, lack of food, and NO WATER!

How could people be so wrapped up in their own lives and not do anything? It’s unforgivable.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Now it was time to get Pepa the medical treatment she should have had long ago! They put the sweet old dog on a leash and lead her outside.

Pepa is hesitant at first but then she realizes she’s finally free. You can see the relief in her eyes. The fresh air hits her and it’s like she won the lottery!

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

As Pepa makes her way into Larkhill’s truck, you can see how thin she is and how bad her skin is. But she’s eager to go. She understands they are there to help.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

They arrive at the vet’s office. Pepa walks inside with her new friends. She heads back to the treatment room and it is then you can see her first tail wags. SHE DOES UNDERSTAND!

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

The medical staff brings Pepa over and lay her down. They prepare her leg for an IV. She desperately needs fluids and antibiotics.

Then they bring her into a nice clean room that is all hers! She has a soft new blanket too. The staff does skin scrapes next to test her for the type of ailment she has.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Their main focus will be to get her comfortable. Her mammary tumors are massive and these need to be addressed immediately.

They will also treat her for parasites and once the tests come back and conclusively identify what is causing her skin issues, they will treat that too.

Viktor Larkhill explains at the end of the video that they will do everything to save her. We are so grateful that she’s in good hands.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Just because she is old shouldn’t mean she should be given up on. Senior dogs are worth saving too! Please, keep Pepa in your prayers.

She deserves to live out her golden years in bliss. Her rescue is featured in the video below.

P.S. They save the cat too!

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