Patrick Stewart Meets His First Pit Bull Foster And They Both Fall In Love

Here's the video of actor Sir Patrick Stewart getting the sweetest ‘hello' when he meets Ginger, the pit bull he is fostering, for the very first time.

Ginger is all smiles as she’s greeted at the door and even gives the actor kisses when he leans down to greet her. “Thank you for that. That was a very nice greeting,” he tells Ginger, petting her.

Check out the video below and watch what happens!

The actor later updated everyone on how Ginger is doing, writing, “Our foster doggie Ginger is sleeping and snoring on our couch and I can honestly think of no greater compliment.”

X-Men superstar Stewart is no newbie when it comes to having a big heart. He is an advocate for Precious Paws, a group whose mission is to inform the public about pet guardianship and the fight to end animal homelessness.

His fans’ responses couldn’t be more perfect! The actor is already loved, and to see him take another step toward helping humanity, or I should say, dog-manity, is creating the fuss dog-fostering desperately needs!

Now Stewart is on his own mission to help his new foster-pup find her forever family.

Stewart shares a little more about Ginger’s background in an interview on Conan. She was used as a breeding dog by a fighting ring before she was rescued by Wags & Walks, and he points out that these rings operate throughout the U.S.

We wish Ginger all the luck in the world finding her forever family. May she spend her days with Stewart with a wagging tail and doggy smile. Shouldn’t be too hard listening to that swoon-worthy accent every day!

Share this with your family and friends and spread the word to support your local shelters.

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