Woman Wanted Her Great Dane To Look ‘More Approachable’ – So She Dyed Her Pink

21-year-old Jessica Williams, of Kentucky, was tired of how scared people were of her giant four-month-old Great Dane, Drama. So she wanted to think of a way to make her look less scary and more approachable.

That’s when she came up with the idea to dye Drama bright pink and purple with an organic dye that was done by a reputable groomer. She also painted her nails.

Jessica Williams

The dye is semi-permanent and doesn’t bleed or get on furniture. It will last a few weeks and gradually fade with each bath.

Williams says Drama’s transformation has truly made the pup more approachable, as people now crowd around her when they see her out on walks.

Jessica Williams

Williams shared photos of her colorful pooch with the popular Facebook group ‘Dogspotting Society.’ While many people commented how pretty she looked, many others were horrified and expressed how they thought it was cruel to dye her pink.

Jessica Williams

Williams reminded them that it’s a safe dye that doesn’t harm Drama; and when asked why she did it, she simply replied, “Because I can.”

Williams loves it so much that she plans on getting Drama dyed again as soon as the color fades away.

What are your thoughts on dying dogs different colors?

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