Owner Dumps Over-Bred Deformed Dog At A Bar, Shelter Fears She Won’t Find A Home

Emmie, a 5-month-old Chihuahua-Yorkie mix, was found scared and alone in a bar.

RSPCA officers who came to rescue her noticed that she had a twisted spine and deformed front legs, which made it difficult for her to walk long distances.

Source: RSPCA/Facebook

Rescuers believe that Emmie’s situation is possibly because of over-breeding. “Teacup dogs” have been a popular fascination for quite some time now.

So, breeders resort to over-breeding the dogs and keep them on minimum food. The malnutrition often leads to the birth of pups with birth disorders.

In spite of her setbacks, Emmie is a sweet and loving pooch. The shelter workers are scared that she wouldn’t have any takers. Let’s share Emmie’s plight and…  >>Click To Continue Reading This Story…

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