Owner asks dog who his best friend is and his reaction will have you laughing out loud

Dogs are some of the most loyal animals known to man and their loving nature makes them wildly popular. Even when we are not feeding them or providing them with attention, they still stick close to us. The pup in this is named Benji and Benji resides with his family in the Boston area. This recent video where he is asked a simple question has gone viral…for very good reason.

While most of us don’t think of dogs as being able to respond to questions, the pup in this story is certainly a special one. He was asked about his best friend and given the chance to identify him. Benji is a spoiled dog with many stuffed animals to play with. However, he has taken a special liking to a stuffed moose that is widely considered to be his best pal.

No matter how many options Benji is given to choose from, he always goes back to his moose pal and the loyalty is as adorable as it is commendable. Even if you think this story is headed for an obvious conclusion where he maintains loyalty to the stuffed moose no matter what, this dog is full of surprises. As it turns out, there is simply no competing with pizza!

Once Benji finally comes across a stuffed pizza, his loyalty to the moose is placed in jeopardy. We feel for the moose, but in Benji’s defense, how in the world is anyone ever supposed to compete with pizza? Pizza is our lifeblood and we are shocked to find out that its popularity has now crossed over into the animal community as well.

This is the type of story that goes a long way towards dispelling any notions of dogs being animals who are unable to express themselves. Benji is clearly a very sharp dog who knows exactly what he is talking about and you will have a hard time keeping yourself from rolling on the floor with laughter when you check out this awesome clip.

Once you have gotten a chance to check out Benji’s hilarious antics for yourself, it is time to pass this story along to all of the dog lovers in your life. They are bound to appreciate Benji’s level of decisiveness and it is certainly easy to relate to anyone who loves pizza as much as the rest of us.

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