Overachieving Puppy Sneaks Herd of Sheep into Living Room

A precocious border collie pup named Rocky gave his family quite a shock after sneaking a herd of sheep into the house while Mom was busy making breakfast.

“I was in the kitchen and heard a noise. I turned around and the sheep were just standing there. There were about nine of them,” mom Rosalyn told the Telegraph.

The family farm is located in Devon, in England.

What the flock?



7 month-old Rocky had taken advantage of an open field gate to round up some playmates and bring them home.

His owner said, “I thought it was funny at the time, but then there was quite a lot of wee, poo, and mud everywhere. It took me a little while to clean it all up.”

Rocky always giving 110%

Posted by Rosalyn Edwards on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Source: The Telegraph

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