German Shepherd Puppy Gets His First Belly Rub, And He Absolutely ‘Loses It’

Any dog lover can vouch for the fact that belly rubs is one of the topmost feel-good experiences in their lives!

It has been observed that stroking a dog’s belly opens many neurological pathways of happiness in their brains and also motivates them to trust a human.

It’s an absolute win-win deal!

Source: Seelenvoll German Shepherds/YouTube

In this video, we see an utterly adorable German Shepherd puppy named Orange Boy getting his first set of belly rubs from Mom.

At first, the cuddly puppy has no idea how to react to Mom gently stroking his belly.  But it’s only a matter of time before he realizes how soothing belly scratches can be!

Source: Seelenvoll German Shepherds/YouTube

Orange Boy can barely contain his happiness as he twists around on the floor and enjoys the softest belly rubs from Mom.

He even kisses Mom’s hand to say a big “Thank You” and smiles away like he’s the happiest pup in the world!

Source: Seelenvoll German Shepherds/YouTube

Orange Boy is literally in a state of trance, but Mom withdraws her hand suddenly and says “We’re done”.

Obviously, the puppy doesn’t take this interruption too well and literally begs Mom to keep the scratches coming!

What a lovable goofball! This entire video is soaked in wholesome cuteness and it totally rocked our day!

Click the video below to watch the insatiable puppy losing it as he gets those “belly rubs” for the first time!

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