Military Airmen Gather For Touching Tribute To Dog Who Saved Their Lives

Military working dogs are known for giving their all in the face of danger. Ooyvey is one of those brave canines who is being honored for a life of bravery, fortitude, and loyalty.

Lt. Col. Eric Horst, commander of the 8th Security Forces Squadron, shared, “Our K-9s have some of the most diverse and challenging missions on the air base. They are the warriors that stay on the job through wind, rain, snow and heat. These members of our units don’t call in sick or take leave, they simply show up and every day get the job done.”

Source: Stars and Stripes

Most military working dogs are purchased from vendors in Europe. Ooyvey was different than most other working dogs. She was raised as a foster puppy in San Antonio and entered Lackland Air Force Base for service on July 18, 2011.

“Ooyvey was not purchased but bred at Lackland by two other MWDs that had the genetic makeup for what we look for in military working dogs,” Horst shared.

Source: Stars and Stripes

Once arriving at Kunsan Air Base in South Korea, she worked to find possible explosives and routine patrolling. She visited rock stars and famous people who came to visit as well.

Sadly, the dog succumbed to liver disease, and a tribute ceremony was given in her honor by the airmen she protected.

Ooyvey’s last handler, Staff Sgt. Dominic Williams, was presented with a freshly folded United States flag on the dog’s passing.

Source: Stars and Stripes

“Ooyvey was sweet, made me laugh, and filled that void in my heart that can only be filled by a select few, even more so a dog,” he stated. “It was an honor to work alongside her.”

We salute you, Ooyvey, and all who serve.

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