Once they pulled into the car wash, that’s when it all made sense

This Subaru commercial featuring adorable dogs are too darn adorable and hilarious!

“See what happens when small dogs wash a big Subaru.

Love is now bigger than ever. Presenting the all-new 3-row Subaru Ascent. Learn more at subaru.com/ascent”

Some of the comments from views:

“I really hate car commercials…. you found my weakness and have to admit this is a well played card. Bravo👍”

“Haha awesome. Keep up the good work Subaru!”

“Bring me more commercials with The Barkleys! The Bullies in this one are too cute😊”

Check out the hilarious Subaru commercial titled “Car Wash” below! …and SHARE this with your friends and family to share a laugh! 🙂

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