Dog Is Home Alone When Doorbell Rings, Owner Returns Later And Checks Footage

Nuomi the German Shepherd has become quite a sensation over the past few weeks – and it’s all because of his ridiculously clever receipt of a delivery package!

This furry guy was home alone when the mailman rang the doorbell to deliver a package. But Nuomi’s response to the situation was something spectacularly cool!

Source: The Paper Surging News/YouTube

In this video captured by home security, Nuomi is seen casually resting on the floor when he hears the doorbell. Just like a responsible good boy, he sits up and quickly begins approaching the door.

And then, he fashionably gets on his hind legs and opens the door like it’s nothing!

Source: The Paper Surging News/YouTube

The mailman looks a bit shocked to see a dog answering the door. But Nuomi wastes no time in greetings and swiftly grabs the package from the mailman.

When the confused man lingers at the door to interact with a human, Nuomi barks at him and signals him to move along!

Source: The Paper Surging News/YouTube

Nuomi then closes the door and carries the package all the way to the couch. Mission accomplished!

The mailman later came back to say hi to Nuomi again, and confessed that he was so spooked by the dog that he even forgot to get a “signed” receipt for the delivery!

Click the video below to watch Nuomi being an intelligent good boy as he collects the delivery package!

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