No One Helped Her Because She’s A Pit Bull So She Roamed The Streets In Agony

When this dog needed help the most, people turned their backs on her. Want to know why? It’s because she is a Pit Bull.

She wasn’t asked to be born into a breed that has a bad rap. She didn’t ask for this label that hardly represents a tiny fraction of these dogs who are deemed aggressive.

In fact, Matilda, the Pit Bull, was anything but aggressive. But many didn’t care.

Source: The Orphan Pet/YouTube

Matilda roamed the streets covered in horrific wounds. People who crossed her path assumed she was a product of dogfighting.

But again, that label of ‘Pit Bull’ prevented humans from helping her. She remained on the streets. Wandering about, trying to fend for herself.

Source: The Orphan Pet/YouTube

But Matilda wasn’t a fighter. Her wounds weren’t battle scares. She was actually suffering from leishmaniasis– a disease that caused the damage to her skin.

Source: The Orphan Pet/YouTube

Matilda was finally brought in for medical care by a rescue group that saw beyond her breed. The vet began treating her painful disease.

Despite being a Pit Bull, despite being on the streets and shunned by so many, Matilda was the warmest, sweetest, most loving dog. She didn’t harbor any. . . >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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